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New Year’s Party Recap January 3, 2010

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We had so much fun with our friends and family at our very first big New Year’s Eve Party!   Kevin had tossed around the idea of having a party for his 35th birthday (in order to break out the Karaoke equipment) with then turned into thoughts of ringing in 2010 instead.  We decided to host it at the Rothschild Village Hall so that we could invite and celebrate with lots of special people.   Everyone brought a dish to share with meant we had lots of food.  We also had hot turkey and ham sandwiches, chips, punch and soda, and a yummy chocolate fountain for dessert.  That was probably the “hit” of the party, loved by all ages!

Heather and Steph enjoying some chocolate bliss!

Kolten, lovin' his dessert!

can't get enough

After eatin’ some “grub”, there was some gaming action.  We had brought an assortment of games (along with a few of Grammy and Papa’s) to set out for playing.  Quite a few games were broke

 The highlight of the evening was probably watching the kids sing karaoke and joining them from our seats.  It was just a blast watching them have a fun time.


2010- Looking forward January 1, 2010

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Here we are, starting a new decade.  I look forward with anticipation to all God has in store for us this year and the next 10.  It is crazy to think of the kids in ten years from right now– my goodness, Isaac will be on Christmas break from college!!!  Let’s not rush things though.  I want to enjoy the time we have.  I have decided that this will be my intention (or resolution, if you will) for 2010 and beyond- live life purposefully.  We can’t control some things in life.  My mom’s seemingly losing battle with cancer and the recent news of advanced cancer for Kevin’s Uncle Jim make me realize we HAVE TO embrace the day to day.  Try harder.  Love stronger.  Give more.  Reach out and impact those around us.  LIVE LIFE as if it is the only time God has given to us… because it is.  This is my intent and what I want to impress upon the kids (and hopefully onto Kev too.)  Life is just too precious of a gift and too short to be taken for granted. 

I will end this post with a picture from last night.  We had a blast at our New Year’s Eve party!  More pictures tomorrow…

Ringing in another decade together!


Hello world! December 29, 2009

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As we move to the end of 2009, I have so much to be thankful for!  What more could I want than a great husband, three kids that keep me hoppin’, and a life full of so many blessings!  Hard to believe how much has changed in 10 years.  I have a picture of Kev and I from Christmas ’99. 

10 years ago...

We look so young (which of course makes me feel “old” now!)  Newly married and looking back, so few cares in the world.  I am sure we didn’t feel that way then, but man!  It had to be “easier” than it is now.  I wouldn’t change it though!  Why would anyone want to give up a minute with these little crazies!?! 

Crazy #1

Crazy #2

Crazy #3

Today we look like this (our everyday, make-up free look! ha,ha!)  I love this man more than ever and sometimes still get that “he’s really mine forever?!? feeling.  What could be better?

picture courtesy of one of the Crazies

Anyway, we are moving forward and the New Year brings with it so much promise.  I love that feeling that anything is possible!  I know our lives are formed moment by moment, decision by decision, but I like giving my “improved life” a start date!  We are on the path to be healthier, happier, better organized, etc, etc, etc. 

Currently, we are de-X-masing here.  Ornaments off and wrapped up, tree out in the snow, but still needles everywhere!  I have a feeling I will be finding needles in February still. {sigh} Oh well, it is worth it for the fresh pine scent.  Right now I have a pine scented wax tart “burning” to make up for the lack of real pine.  It just isn’t the same. 

Going to finish the undecorating and replace the Christmas items with “Winter Wonderland” ones.  If I can’t get rid of the snow and cold, might as well embrace it!  I will do anything to keep some white lights to stare at in the evenings when I am alone in the living room just relaxing with a cup of coffee or tea.  There’s nothing better than that!



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